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Why I love a Winter Wedding

Winter is fast becoming one of the more popular times to get married. Why you may ask.. well obviously every couple has their own reasons for choosing their date. As a photographer I am in the unique position to be able to experience a person’s wedding day objectively and I have to say, winter wedding’s (albeit chilly!) offer some aspects that a a bit different to the more traditional spring/summer weddings (also gorgeous btw). I’ve come up with 7 reasons as to why you might love winter nuptials.

1. Cost

Firstly, and probably the most obvious reason would be the cost.. you know how when utter the word ‘wedding’ vendors eyes light up and you’re pretty sure the cost shoots through the roof? Well not so much in winter. As winter often isn’t the first choice for a lot of couples vendors are often on the quieter side, and the cost reflects this. Which also feeds into the next point..

2. You get your pick of vendors

Because they’re not already booked up, you will often have your pick of location, celebrant, photographer etc…

3. You can focus more on the details

Again, this ties into the above point, because you have had an easier time finding the people you want to help you run your day, AND it’s cost you less, you have the time to focus more on the finer details, the little things that will make all the difference and your day even more special.

4. The light is forever in your favour

I wouldn’t be a photographer if I didn’t mention the lighting now would I?! During winter months, the morning light tends to be more diffused and provide a very flattering form of natural light. The sun also sets earlier so it’s easy to capitalise on those sunset shots before you head in to enjoy the rest of your evening.

5. Can you say cosy?

Because it’s chilly out there, you have the real advantage to make your reception an inviting, warm and cosy event. Think fairy lights, a fire crackling in the background, candles on the table tops. You can even add cosy factors to your food choices, with warm hearty meals and desserts on the menu.

6. Your fashion choices are endless

Oh, where to begin! Any colour palette can be used in Winter, dark and moody, light and airy – your pick. Also, timeless, classic styles that are oh so heavenly and oh so easy to achieve, think (faux) fur shawls and gloves for the ladies. You will all look gorgeous and stay warm at the same time.

Also as an added bonus, you don’t need to be concerned with your make-up sliding off, so you can be rest assured you will stay looking glam for the whole day!

And last but not least..

7. It will be remembered

It will stay in the minds of your guests for years to come, from the ceremony to the reception, including the ambience, the comfort and the style will all be memories of your wedding that your guests will remember for many years to come.

So.. what do you think, would you consider a winter wedding?

If you want to know how Polished Photography can help create a stress-free wedding that flows drop us a line at hello@polishedphotography.com.au or click here and enquire now!

And a big thank you to Cat + Gab and Sarah + Dan for allowing me to use images from their weddings in this article.

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