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Rosie + Amanda


I'm so excited to share this wedding with you all! My first rodeo back after #covid and oh what a day!! Firstly - it was on the exceptional 10.10.20 (which just happens to be my own 11 year wedding anniversary!) but also because of the story...

Like most wedding photographers, 2020 held a pretty full calendar, however, also like most wedding photographers, 2020 has tested our juggling skills with lots of weddings being postponed or cancelled until further notice. My original 10.10.20 wedding had been cancelled due to #covid and I found myself responding to Rosie when she put the plea out for a last minute throw together. I couldn't be happier because this one was written in the stars!

You know when you meet some people, and just get the feeling that these are 'your' kind of people? Well hello Rosie and Amanda! Kind, loving, so, so friendly and just so in love. Excited about their big day and quickly adjusting to their new plan - what was going to be a big family get together up in sunny QLD, turned into an intimate wedding with close friends and family via zoom.

Despite plans having changed so much - this didn't dampen their day at all. In fact, you would have thought this was the plan the whole time! A morning filled with laughter and excitement, gorgeous makeup by Catherine from Raven Waves and hair by Maryana from Infinite Hairstyling.

A first look (hello Australia!) to bring tears to your eyes and a beautiful intimate ceremony with their wildly fun Canberra family, overseen by the fabulous Emma White. While I have only known these two for a heartbeat, it feels as though the day was done right, uniquely them.

While this might not have been the original plan for these guys, it really demonstrated what getting married is really all about. The two of you. Together, celebrating your love.

I hope everyone has someone in their life who looks at you the way these two look at each other.

Shaz xx

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