Sharon Bull Headshots April
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why Sharon you ask?

Let's be honest: country girls aren't suppose to brag.

Born and bred in the Riverina Region (Wagga), I was brought up being told not to boast, but if this is the only chance I get to make an impression on you, you better believe I’m going to take it and make it memorable!

So what makes me different? I care. I take clients and turn them into close friends. Throughout your entire wedding day I am watching everything unfold and documenting moments that I know you will cherish for years to come, moments you might not even see happen.

I’m living your day through your eyes and capturing it in a way that will give you the ability to relive it for years to come. Every little hand grab, tear shed, dance move…. You’ll get those shots (and hundreds more) because your wedding day is filled with tiny moments, tiny details, with one beautiful love story interwoven through every single frame. That story? It’s yours. Let me tell it.

I’m a lover of golden light, kid (and puppy)
cuddles, travel adventures and country music. I like to set goals, drink bubbles and have a good chat.

Meet the CFO


My name is Nya (pronounced Nia). You may not see me at any photoshoots, as I work behind the scenes. I started working here in 2019, but I already think I deserve a few extra treats for the amount of hard work I put in. If you agree and would like to set up a meeting to discuss this further, please use the contact form.


I love to eat balls and socks, I'm a messy water drinker and a good boy.



My camera is the vehicle I use to tell love stories like yours. I’m into raw emotion and natural beauty, hugs instead of handshakes. 


You don’t need awkward posing. You don’t need to photoshop the flaws out. It is all perfect as it is because it is your story and its worth telling.